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Would You Go Parahawking In Nepal?

July 19, 2016 0 comments

In Nepal you can go ParaHawking which is paragliding with a Egyptian Vulture flying besides you. While in the air you will feed the vulture using a special protective glove. The activity is available in, Pokhara, Nepal and cost $210. You can book a trip HERE.

Parahawking is paragliding and interacting with a trained bird of prey in it’s own natural environment. By combining paragliding with the ancient art of falconry, we have successfully trained Vultures to fly with us and guide us through the sky as we fly. It was developed and pioneered in 2001 by award winning bird trainer Scott Mason as an enrichment exercise for non releasable rehabilitated raptors and to find new ways to promote vulture conservation issues in Nepal.

We fly with Kevin or Bob our two world famous Egyptian Vultures. They will lead us to the best thermals, soar with us as we climb above the mountains then come and land on YOUR hand to take a food reward many times during the flight. We can take amazing pictures and movie of the flight from our on-board cameras for you to take away. A totally unique and unforgettable experience.

The birds need to be rewarded for their efforts. During the flight the pilot or passenger will place small morsels of meat onto their gloved hand, the birds will come and gently land on the hand to take the food, and then gracefully fly away to find the next thermal – a perfect symbiotic relationship. Parahawking has gone from a personal experiment to a global phenomenon whereby several hundred people each year are taken on a tandem Parahawking flight and given the unique opportunity to fly and interact with a bird of prey in it’s own environment. Parahawking is featured in the Nepal Lonely Planet guide book as one of Pokhara’s highlights.

On landing, our highly trained staff will educate you on Vulture Conservation and how flying with us has directly helped to save Nepal’s vultures from extinction. If Paragliding was on your bucket list then Parahawking will fulfil all your dreams, a truly unique once in a life time experience not to be missed.


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