Video: Rihanna Takes A Trip To Malawi To Help Improve Education

June 7, 2017 0 comments

Rihanna has jumped right into her role as Global Ambassador for the Global Partnership for Education.
The singer and artist traveled with GPE in January on an educational trip to Malawi, where she visited schools to meet students, teachers, government officials, and mentors to better understand the issues and challenges surrounding education.

Rihanna met with education experts, talked with children, and lead them through singing and learning exercises.“I’m really here to see it,” Rihanna said. “It’s one thing to read statistics, but I want to see it firsthand, and find out all that can be done and where to start first.” Half of the Malawi population lives below the poverty line and the average income is around 90 cents a day.Classrooms sometimes have as many as 100 students with just one teacher. It’s harder for students to succeed in classes that big and they are at greater risk of dropping out.

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