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Distinct Discussions: Ahmad Akar – Owner Of Odd Sox

November 24, 2014 0 comments

I was recently at a YG movie screening and was gifted with limited edition Odd Sox. I then checked out and saw some interesting designs. I decided to learn more about the company from the owner Ahmad Akar.


Nigel D.: What inspired you to start the Odd Sox brand?

Ahmad Akar : I’ve always been an idea guy and have tried to pursue many ventures. I noticed a gap in the sock market and I felt like it was missing something that fit our culture and our generation which was applying real fashion and art to a key everyday accessory.

Nigel D.: What were the initial struggles you went through starting the business?

Ahmad Akar : I started with my brother and best friends and as the saying goes, you can never do business with friends or family. I’m trying to prove that statement wrong, which has been the biggest struggle because trying to implement a solid structure without ruining relationships is very difficult.


Nigel D.: What makes the Odd Sox brand unique?

Ahmad Akar : There’s nothing like it in the market. We are the first company to showcase full image pictures on a pair of sox and introduce it into the mass market. Obviously with success comes a lot of competition and imitators but we set the standard by constantly introducing trend setting designs and overall quality. We are the new t-shirt.

Nigel D.: Did you grow up thinking you would get into fashion or did this just happened?

Ahmad Akar : I wouldn’t say fashion per say, although I’ve always been fascinated and a student of it. I always knew in some way I’d be successful. I grew up learning the importance of hard work and dedication from my father who struggled his whole life just to provide for his family. That inspired me at such an early age to want to do something bigger to secure my family’s future. The exact idea or industry that I wanted to pursue was never clear but the end goal of being successful and making something from nothing was inevitable.

Nigel D.: Where are Odd Sox available? How is business going?

Ahmad Akar : Business has been great, all praises due. We’re available in about 1500 stores worldwide. You can find Odd Sox in Foot Action, Nordstroms, Spencer’s, Zumiez, Tilly’s, Jimmy Jazz, DTLR and probably your closest local clothing stores and boutiques.

Nigel D.: Any words of wisdom for entrepreneurs out there?

Ahmad Akar : Always follow your dreams and invest in yourself. If you think of an idea then it is very possible and probable that you can make it come to life. The biggest hurdle is yourself. Everyone has all the resources they need around them. They just need to focus and persevere in order to recognize them. Work harder than everyone around you and don’t stop until your vision becomes a reality.

Odd Sox was created to bring fashion to sox. Set out to overthrow mainstream styles and mundane designs, we fully represent uniqueness and individuality. Our main focus is to ensure our sox maintain the best quality, with superior comfort, and to continue with innovative designs. We guarantee to never ever conform to the status quo and to always represent and invest in the millions of people who are dreamers and want to create something greater than themselves.

Always Stand Out, Be ODD.

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