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#NigelDBlog: A Night In Fabu Dhabi

posted by Nigel D. November 22, 2016 0 comments


Over the past few years Fabolous has had a plethora of huge birthday celebrations. Each year has a different theme. Last year was the “Platinum” party, the year before had a 90’s theme. This year Fabolous chose to bring the Middle East to NYC with the “Fabu Dhabi” theme. Men and women were required to wear traditional Arabian garb.


When you first walked in you were greeted by 3 friendly belly dancers.


The party featured a sandpit with “A Night In Fab Dhabi” spotlight. Moroccan tower candle lanterns were throughout the venue.


There were two live camels at the party. They were relaxed in a corner being fed. No camels were hurt during the making of this party. Sponsors included D’Usse and Moët & Chandon so the drinks were flowing all night.




My head wrap was a mess but I took some time to enjoy the spirits and check out the decor.

Need some Power spoilers from @rotimimusic

A photo posted by Nigel International D 🌐 (@nigel_d) on

Getting Arab Money at @myfabolouslife birthday party with @KingPush

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The party was decorated with traditional carpets and furniture.


VIP section fit for a king.



Hookah was available for the guests.


Remy Ma showed up in traditional Arabian garb.


The man of the hour, the Young OG.


Fabolous is also known for getting unique birthday cakes, this year he got a stack of gold bricks.



Victor Cruz of the Giants and Lenny S. of Roc Nation were in the building.


Swizz Beatz was also in attendance.


I had to make use of the photo booth. Below are more pictures from photographer JMartinVisuals and Instagram.

Fabolous #FabuDhabi Birthday Party

Fabolous #FabuDhabi Birthday Party

Fabolous #FabuDhabi Birthday Party

Fabolous #FabuDhabi Birthday Party

Fabolous #FabuDhabi Birthday Party

Feeling like I'm back home. @myfabolouslife always kills his party themes🐪🙌🏽 #FabuDhabi

A photo posted by Modern Cleopatra (@realaimeeo) on

A look 👳🏾‍♀️💁🏾#fabudhabi

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🍾 #fabudhabi

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Happy birthday @myfabolouslife #Fabudhabi

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Lit or na …. #gang in #FabuDhabi #TunupTeam #teamslimthick

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