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Distinct Discussions: Artist John Born

November 26, 2014 0 comments

I came across John Born’s work while browsing Instagram. I contacted the young artist to see how he got started and what inspires him. Check out his official site and twitter.


Nigel D.: What inspired you to start using Timberland Boots as a canvas for your art?
John Born: It started when I had a pair of busted Jordan threes I painted them because I got tired of wearing old shoes and everyone thought I purchased a new pair.

Nigel D.: What were the initial reactions you received?
John Born: Everyone was like wow you did not pain those. But eventually they all wanted a pair of my friends people at school, everybody..

Nigel D.: At what point did this become a business for you?
John Born: At the age of 13 I realized I was spending all my chump change on paint materials. So this is the point where I started charging people for the services.

Nigel D.: What is the average time spent designing a pair of custom boots for you?
John Born: A pair of boots can take me anywhere from around four hours to 60 hours or so just depends on the level of detail that I have to add into the design. I’m sure that one day I will spend hundreds of hours on a pair.

Nigel D.: Which celebs have reached out to receive your work?
John Born: I have done work for Chris Brown, Neyo, Rick Ross, Jamie Foxx, Eric Bellinger, Rhyon Brown, just to name a few. There are plenty more that I can think of at the moment but keep up with my social networks and see all the new collaborations I am cooking up.

Nigel D.: What other art work are you working on?
John Born: I am currently working on an album cover for my new album coming hopefully thanks giving “The First Supper” as well as various projects for artists like Ma$e & The Game. I also should be painting a car soon in Miami stay tuned for that.


Nigel D.: Did you go to school for art?
John Born: No I did not go to school for art, but I used to paint shoes in all of my classes in high school ha ha..

Nigel D.: Are you a full time artist? If so why are the pros and cons of pursuing being an artist as a career?
John Born: Yes I am a full-time artist and musician. Of course it is all a gift and a curse. I love people being able to embrace what I do and love me for the things that I put into the world it’s an amazing feeling.The downside of this is sometimes getting frustrated, not knowing where to go next, or not knowing if you’re actually helping the people, but all in all it balances out and I love what I do I would never change it for anything. I’m gonna help change the world for the better, I promise.

Nigel D.: What advice do you have for anyone pursing their passion?
John Born: You have to do it every day. The same way that you need air every day to bring should be the same way that you need your craft. There is no halfway you were either all the way in or you are not. Go all the way in, practice, repetition, grow, always follow your Gut.


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