You Can Now Purchase Lamborghini Speakers

December 1, 2016 0 comments

The Ixoost Esavox Lamborghini Speaker System resembles the exhaust of a luxurious Lamborghini sports car. Just like the cars the speakers have a hefty price($21k).


ESAVOX has been designed on the idea that style follows instinct. Meticulous research of the Lamborghini design has led to the creation of an object that immediately recalls the style of this renowned car designer. The original Lamborghini exhaust harmonises the dimensions of the docks, creating hexagonal effects and enhancing the selection of various materials.

Two stereo valve preamplifiers on input, an amplifier of 600 Watt and one of 200 Watt dedicated to the subwoofer all constitute the driving force of EsaVox. Frequency control is managed by 2 DSPs of 24 bit to optimise audio filtering.

By integrating Bluetooth® 4.0 technology with the traditional AUX connection, ESAVOX enables you to control music stored on your smartphone, tablet, or computer simply and in complete freedom.

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