BET And Twitter Will Be Conducting A Study On “Black Twitter”

May 19, 2017 0 comments

During BET’s 2017 annual upfront they discusses upcoming shows and current success. They acknowledge the importance of social media and “Black Twitter.” They have teamed up with twitter to do a industry analysis on the impact of “Black Twitter.” I think this is a good idea, it will make brands around the world pay attention to the demographic and see how powerful it can be.

As BET’s breakout biopic, “The New Edition Story,” soared to 29MM total viewers on television, it also lit social media on fire as “Black Twitter” drove global trending topics all three nights. Now, BET has joined forces with Twitter for the first-ever industry analysis of the overall impact and importance of “Black Twitter.” What is “Black Twitter”? It’s a digital water cooler where African Americans exchange ideas and opinions that are centered on the Black experience, all dialogue is unapologetically Black and is exclusive to things that impact the Black community. As evidenced by BET’s social domination, the network is a critical part of the “Black Twitter” conversation, and in turn drives mainstream culture.

The analysis includes a set of top Twitter hashtags, consisting of over 10MM Tweets and over 20MM Retweets since 2014. Early data continues to support a strong correlation between Tweeting and watching live TV at home via traditional delivery methods. People on Twitter see TV as a social opportunity and source of information for what’s happening, best enjoyed live and viewed with others on Twitter. Twitter and BET will release findings in a joint session in June. As one of few brands that organically speaks to this phenomenon, BET will be creating a model to help predict future trends in “Black Twitter” as they emerge.


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